No people group today has lives more disrupted by poverty and exploitation than those of children.

Welcome to Lighthouse Children's Ministry!

Our Vision

Children who know their value, importance and destiny, making right decissions and as a result will live pure, purposeful, and passionate  lives as adults.

Our Mission

Facilitating the fulfillment of children‘s emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual needs so that they can realize their God-given potential and purpose, and develop into mature persons.

Our Strategy· 

  • We want to meet the basic needs of the Children where they are 
    (e.g. Lighthouse Clubs, Primary and High Schools, Pre-Schools, Daycare centres etc.)
  • We want to enable children to get out of their every day environment on a short-term basis (Camps) and if necessary also on a long-term basis providing permanent structures for destitute children.
  • We offer to train churches, parents and individuals to fulfill their God given responsibilites to train children while they are young. Proverbs 22:6